Upscale computers for any OS



Members of our team came from various spheres, in which upscale workstations are needed. For example, among these spheres are: IT, graphic design, video game development, entrepreneurship, sales, music industry. Each of us continually faces widely different problems, and efficient solution of these problems may require different operating systems and hardware configurations. Apart from work we have families and hobbies. And, of course, we do love home entertainment.
One more concept that unites us – is that we all are striving for freedom of choice.


Both branded and self-assembled PCs usually have a flexible enough hardware configuration and are capable of significant upgrade, but they do not support installation of any desired OS out-of-the-box. Those computers, which support installation of any OS, are noticeably more expensive and also have a low level of hardware flexibility, scarcely providing you with an opportunity for configuring the machine according to your requests or even making any significant hardware upgrade in the future.
Of course, there are some ways which allow you to install unsupported operating systems on virtually any PC, yet these ways have a range of essential drawbacks. For example, these ways require special skills and spending a lot of time, including time for system maintenance – sometimes OS developers make significant changes in a new version of their OS, and you have a risk of staying face to face with a bricked or incorrectly operating device after a major or even minor system update.


We invented a way to wean you off all these obvious disadvantages in above mentioned methods. Our special firmware FREEDOHMWARE* provides an out-of-the-box installation of any operating system** in its vanilla configuration. Firmware is stored on a standalone memory chip, and it is updating from our servers to provide a support for new OS versions. If the next operating system update requires any changes in FREEDOHMWARE, it will be automatically updated first.

* Actually, FREEDOHMWARE is a complex set consisting of hardware solutions, our proprietary utilities and open-source software created by such developers as Slice, TimeWalker, Pike R. Alpha, toleda and others.
** Here we mean desktop operating systems which are compatible with x86-64 architecture and UEFI boot from GPT-formatted drives, with a market share over 1% according to independent Web analytics company StatCounter. Other x86-64 operating systems support is possible but not guaranteed.


Freedom and Resistance. Hand in hand.
We are glad to represent you a concept of upscale computers compatible with any operating system. No restrictions.
We intend to provide only best hardware, individual assembly, tuning and stress testing for each machine, free service and support.
Create what you want using the very OS which you really want. Enjoy your freedom of choice.

Today we are ready to introduce a preliminary models line-up of FREEDOHM COMPUTERS. Also we have plans on expanding the line-up by including a laptops and all-in-one computers.

Our models are powered by Intel® processors and equipped with Thunderbolt™ ports, high-speed DDR4 RAM and with some of the fastest NVMe M.2 SSDs on the market. Every model is equipped with Broadcom® Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo chip, fully compatible with any supported OS.

As for prices, you may roughly focus on the cost of premium workstations and gaming PCs designed to work with Microsoft® Windows®.



A choice of true professionals, it will give you such freedom, which can’t be provided by many other powerful workstations on the market. A plenty of CPU threads. High extensibility. You don’t need to buy any expensive external hard drives and fill more and more hardware peripheral on your table, as in the case of some workstations which don’t allow you to install all this stuff inside. All the hardware needed can easily be installed in a spacious and ventilated chassis. Wide range of hardware options (including capability to install up to four professional video cards) will make your workstation extremely powerful, which in its turn will let you solve really heavy tasks beyond the scope of other workstations in a given price segment.



Great choice for music or design studio, as well as for video production studio, which insure productivity comparable with the best creative workstations existing on the market. Highly effective CPU and RAM won’t become a bottleneck, powerful optional video card will let you use additional computing powers. Thunderbolt™ ports provide you with connectivity for any studio equipment, matching with given interface, including professional sound cards and high quality displays. Optional FireWire (IEEE1394a/IEEE1394b) ports will help you keep compatibility with your favorite equipment, which you don’t want to change. A model STUDIO gives you an excellent opportunity to easily immerse yourself in your work.



An excellent solution for those who expect a maximum ease in working with documents, watching videos, surfing the Web and other routine tasks first of all. As well as picture editing, design or writing music. H2O may be used as a home computer and at the same time as an HTPC supporting a wireless video playback, connection of 4K displays and TVs and a lot more options. The motto of this model are stability and comfort. This computer is all-purpose and sufficiently powerful. Its performance is well enough for hobby, home or office, all these features are reflected in its name.



Its Greek name is pronounced as "kyvos" and ßtranslated as “cube”. Nearly perfect shape of cube of its aluminum chassis, designed with strict vertical stripes makes this model a true decoration for your interior. Furthermore, ΚΥΒΟΣ is absolutely noiseless — there are no cooler fans inside or outside. At all. However, a varied choice of options allows you to choose a configuration capable to solve a wide range of high-performance tasks.



Computer for those who appreciate beauty and free space on the table. A rather extensive range of options allows you to choose an exact configuration perfectly suitable for your tasks. If you don’t need a discrete video card and too large disk storage, TINY will help you solve your tasks.


Ladies and gentlemen!

Analyzing the progress of our crowdfunding campaign, we came to the conclusion that we missed too many crucial points during the preparation for launch.
In the early days, progress was good enough, but later everything stalled, and it was unlikely that anything could change significantly. We did not have enough resources to give a huge boost to our campaign at this stage.
Therefore, we decided to initiate a full refund to all the backers and remove the campaign.
Soon we will continue updating the official channels, and we will come back with the new well-developed roadmap.

We are sincerely grateful to everyone who backed our project and shared the info.
Stay tuned!


Artur Shakhbazian

CEO, Founder

Nikita Izyumov

CBDO, Founder

Yuri Khartiunov

COO, Founder

Oleg Gruzdev

Legal Adviser